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With the major focus of manufacturing on excellence and innovation, you need the latest information systems to provide insight and automation. Keeping these systems running, and connecting you with customers, suppliers, and service providers securely and in compliance are our top priority.

We apply our expertise to protect your business by quickly resolving any issues that arise while ensuring your IT manufacturing systems run smoothly.

Maintaining your production process can be a challenge without a qualified manufacturing managed services provider. Cloud solutions, web and mobile solutions, and an optimized IT environment can enhance the efficiency of your production line. Paragon IT can help your team understand best practices for protecting sensitive data throughout the business. Our manufacturing IT services can identify areas where your infrastructure can be improved. We implement solutions to avoid or fix a potentially compromising situation.

If you’re like most manufacturing firm administrators, the cost of outsourced IT support is of serious concern to you. In fact, you may have dismissed the entire idea as an unaffordable luxury.

Paragon IT Solutions offers you comprehensive IT care at affordable, flat-rate pricing. All the IT support you need is available to you within an easily budgeted, predictable subscription payment.