// Horticulture Services

How Paragon IT can
help your business?

In the agricultural sector, similar to any other business, there is a growing need for continuous wireless access to ensure connectivity and limited downtown of operations. Whether your employee is in one of the barns, greenhouse, refrigeration units, or the tractor out in the field. From cold and wet environments, to condensation and frost, Paragon IT will find the best innovative IT solutions that will work seamlessly for your business.

With our managed services methodology we maintain all servers, computers and devices under a centralized management system which ensures security patches, software updates and Infinity Paragon IT proprietary proactive maintenance routines are applied to your computers on a scheduled basis. We also act as your advocate with third party technology vendors, to ensure optimal integration and problem solving, (we speak geek so you don’t have to).

When you call our office your technician answers the phone, not a cumbersome answering machine that delays finding a resolution to your issue. With our team of experts, it just takes one call.