// Cloud Infrastructure

variety of private cloud
and public cloud solutions

Paragon IT provides customisable cloud infrastructure packages that allow you to choose from a variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions. We can then integrate hybrid architectures into your business strategy, and securely migrate workloads to encrypted public cloud-based platforms. Our IT security solutions will help bolster your defence across your public cloud platforms and data centres (private cloud).

We will empower your organisation through efficient and effective managed cloud infrastructure services. You will also have a personal IT team that monitors and manages your cloud infrastructure for the support you need, when you need it, and quite often, before you know you need it. Our team is certified and trained in multiple software and cloud solutions.

Our Cloud Infrastructure service begins with consultation, continuing through to deployment of the structure, and then overseeing monthly billing or subscription-based licensing, and after-service support that guarantees efficiency throughout the product life-cycle.

// Cloud Infrastructure

Migration Services

Infrastructure as a service

Paragon IT Cloud Migration Services will help your organisation migrate or “lift and shift” your on-premise or collocated IT infrastructure to public cloud infrastructure. The highly qualified and experienced team at Paragon IT can help you through the design, planning and migration stages with minimum disruption to your business’ operation.

Office 365

If you have on-premise Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, you might like to move away from its outdated POP3 ISP hosted email infrastructure, or migrate away from any other cloud-hosted email infrastructure. We are available to make sure all your email history, calendar appointments and contacts are fully migrated for a seamless transition. No project is too big or small for Paragon IT.

Application Migration

If you are using on-premise legacy applications that require TLC, and would like to move to a more secure Microsoft Azure app hosting platform, we can help by migrating and modernising your application.

// Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Management

Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure is a powerful combination of cloud infrastructure resources that enable you to configure, deploy, scale and manage applications across a global network of data centres. While the solution benefits your purpose with massive horsepower, scalability, and flexibility, it is also detailed and complex. We can decipher it, offer suggestions about the right combination that suits your needs, and set it up on your behalf. If you’re making the investment to dive into Azure, we recommend that you work with experts who can help you get the most out of it.

Managed Office 365

Empower your workforce to create, collaborate and connect. Microsoft Office 365 is exactly what your employees need to work productively and efficiently. We can offer suggestions that will allow you to implement it across your business, in line with your requirements. Paragon IT is specialised in Office 365 management, and we are known for being able to help our customers unlock the full potential of Office365 by setting up SharePoint, Teams collaboration, Power BI and Power Apps.


Most businesses require access to a combination of Cloud hosted applications, on premise apps, and file access from multiple sources. This can lead to organisations having to allocate a larger budget to user training (to learn how to navigate multiple data sources) and invest in remote access tools (to allow multiple application access from various sources). Paragon IT offers a simple and secure dashboard that allows businesses access to applications and file regardless of their hosted platform, or location. There is no minimum number of users, or user training required.