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Why Choose Paragon IT?

Paragon IT was established in 2014 to help businesses achieve the true power of collaboration. Think of us as another department within your company. We join your workforce in strength and capacity to reach the finish line faster. Together, we can achieve incredible feats.

As IT rapidly evolves, we will help your organisation keep up. Our simple solutions make working easier, whilst allowing the freedom to face operational and growth challenges head on, without worrying about IT infrastructure. And all without confusing IT jargon.

We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues a business may face.

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Our Mission

making your business more efficient, streamlined and profitable.

To make tech easy and accessible to each of our clients. We will always assist our customers through Digital Transformation, so that they are able to face new-age challenges, whilst making their businesses more efficient, streamlined and profitable.

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Our Values


Go the extra mile to become a trusted IT advisor. IT Service providers are appointed on trust. Our 100% customer retention since inception speaks volumes.


Deliver high quality products and services. We ensure that each vendor is aligned with our passion – that’s helping our customers achieve their goals through technology.

// Opportunity

Provide every avenue for each individual at Paragon IT to grow. We encourage our team members to test themselves, take on new challenges and push the limits. When people are motivated to improve, they become more passionate and better citizens. The results are reflected in the work they do, and therefore the quality of work that Paragon IT provides each customer.

// Teamwork

Work together. By working as a passionate and cohesive team (internally, with partners and with customers), our staff members can achieve personal goals, deliver solutions to our valued customers and share the experience to help others grow.

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